Thursday, 19 January 2012

a sore throat from yelling :)

Tonite we took Matiu to see a University of Toronto Men's Basketball game. Megan and I wore Toronto sweatshirts, Matiu got a sticker and sheet of temporary tattoos as we walked in, and the three of us sat down to enjoy the game.

Toronto isn't exactly a school which is best known for its outstanding and amazing sports talent, but this was pretty close to the movies: there were cheerleaders, plastic tubes to clap together, tall lanky basketball players, people rushing about with black and white striped referees outfits on, loud music and popcorn.

And, to add something a bit different this time, two NZers who grew up watching rugby and who believe the magical connection between a team and an audience which is produced through the bridge which is in turn formed by a constant and enthusiastic string of screamed feedback, tips, instructions and excitement. Megan and I yelled, and Matiu sat between us joining in whenever he could come up with a yellable line, and we felt great. As we walked home, I felt even better: a slight sore throat, evidence of having attended a good sports game and participated to the best of my ability.


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