Monday, 2 January 2012

First day of 2012...

A lovely relaxed lazy day at home today... lots of movies, chatting, snoozing, eating. Great!

I also spent some time working on a chart of all the things I want to do this year. I divided it up into sections: mahi (work), personal, financial and 'things I want to do.' This is a process I go through every once in a while...

I've always been a bit of a list-maker. A few years ago, when I found the diary I'd kept as a 16 year old, I was surprised to see the lists in there: people's names, things, ideas, goals... and I still make work-related lists, shopping lists, budgets, lists of dreams, lists of courses I'd like to teach, lists of books to read... pages and pages of words all lined up in rows, usually - because being a list-maker isn't a guarantee of inherent linearity - surrounded by additional clusters of words, ammendments, arrows and tick marks. 

So, I decided that today's list - well, this year's list really - would be made in a 'mindmap' style, with '2012' written in the middle' and little sticks going out from the centre, spider style, to each of the sections and then from these and so on so it creates a small cloud or, perhaps, something that looks like a multi-dimensional family tree. Then, with another colour pen I wrote words I associated with each of the goals and aspirations I have for the year.

Some words ended up showing up quite often: commitment, relationships, growth, responsibility, balance.

If I focus on these, and some of the others which appeared in specific parts of my multicoloured chart, I think it's going to be a good year.


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