Sunday, 29 January 2012


Megan and I are up on the computers, mostly-packed suitcases lined up in the lounge. Matiu is fast asleep. A last small load of washing is whizzing around in the dryer downstairs. We had lunch with Anne & Michelle and their kids, and dinner with Sarah.

This is the last nite in Toronto for Megan and Matiu, and the last nite I'll be here until I get back from Hawaii...

Both of us have been packing for a return 'home,' to places with warmer climates and familiar (and familial) people. Tomorrow we'll have waffles and juice for breakfast and get on a plane for New York City. A final nite together there, tomorrow nite, before we head away to our respective destinations.

And... we're both *stoked* that our bags are packed tonite and we've got the evening in NYC together, because it means that (unlike how last nites together often go) we won't be doing a final panicked pack before leaving~! This means that tomorrow afternoon and evening will be all about Megan, Matiu and me in the big city. We'll get to pick what we want to do, go where we want to go, see what we want to see.

Just the three of us amigos. Bittersweet, relaxed, together.  

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