Wednesday, 4 January 2012

bye bye baby

The Christmas tree has ben 'undecorated' and taken outside, Dominique has gone home to LA, I've moved the Christmas carols on my itunes into a separate file... it's properly 2012. One of my favourite Christmastime movies is Love Actually which includes the song 'Bye bye baby' performed by the Bay City Rollers and so I've had that song in my head a bit as we've been finishing off the Christmas season, including the last of the festive cookies and red-and-green-wrapped chocolates, and I suppose it won't be in my head again for another ten or eleven months.

Matiu the scientist

This morning it was so cold that Matiu and I stayed home while Megan accompanied Dom to the airport - and we decided (on the strength of his excitement about science at the moment) to conduct an experiment. We lined up 6 plastic cups and put different liquids in each of them (oil, water, fizzy drink, vinegar, maple syrup & water, and a mixture of all five), then put them outside. Every half an hour we brought them in and had a look at the freezing process for each: we recorded the state of each liquid, compared the liquids, and talked about why they might be behaving differently in the same conditions. We skyped with Mum and Dad and he went into great detail, describing the experiment and what we'd found. He's growing up, our boy!

'Bye bye baby' indeed.

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