Saturday, 28 April 2012

quick thoughts about a film

Don McCullin is an astounding, foundational and inspiring photographer who focussed for many years on way and warzones, bringing to our atention the images which demonstrate the stakes of political decisions: this is what policies look like 'on the ground.' Harrowing, controvesial, humanitarian. His work is interested in the dignity and perspective of the people he represents, and the result is that his work is amazing, compelling, tricky, beautiful, haunting...

Dad and I went to see a film about this man tonite as part of the 'Hot Docs' documentary film festival held here in May each year. As a bonus, the filmmaker and one of the key interviewees from the film and Don himself attended the film screening, and they addressed us and answered questions so we could get something further of their perspective... amazing! Only in Toronto!

I've got many thoughts about the film, but am too tired to write about them all tonite. For now, though, I would say that I loved the film, and the questions of ethics, practice, violence and creativity that it raused. Good choice Dad! ;)

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