Monday, 16 April 2012


Mum and Dad had one wish each in Chicago: Mum wanted to go on an riverboat architecture tour, and Dad wanted to go to the Art Institute.

Today we did both of those, and then finished off with a snacky dinnerish munchy situation at an amazing cafe/restaurant on Michigan Avenue. Afterwards, I came back to the hotel to do a bit of work while Mum and Dad strolled about for a bit more before heading home.

I don't have a lot to write, because my head is full and my eyes are sleepy. I spent time (too much time! I missed most of the gallery!) with the Impressionists and Medieval Europeans at the Art Institute today... I found myself thinking about the way I gravitate towards the paintings in which the meaning - or meanings - were layered: symbol, suggestion, light, dark, juxtaposition. And then on the architecture tour the tourguide emphasised and demonstrated the connections between buildings, history, aesthetics, efficiency, law, mobility and perspective. More layers; more layering.

We've seen some amazing sights, had some thoughts, enjoyed some good kai, and are now getting our beauty sleep before the next stop in our trip...

Thank you Chicago, you've been amazing.

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