Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Today, as my Dad would say, I woke up in French and am going to bed in English. On Thursday I'll go to bed in American.

Another lovely train trip today, after a very enjoyable and at times hilarious (as in, startling at the time but will become funnier as time goes on and the stories are embellished) morning and early afternoon in Montreal. Ply any one of us with a beer, wine or questions and we'll tell you stories that will have you gasping - or at least will leave you asking more questions.

It was a great trip, our trip to Quebec, but we're home now - in Toronto. Back on Spadina. Streetcars rattling past the window.

The great April journey with Mum and Dad picks up pace again in two days, but for now we're home. Home.

You know, home: where the coffee plunger is.


  1. Intriguing...can't wait to ply you with gin and hear your stories once you reach Philly!

  2. Mmmmm coffee. My favourite time of day, coffee time. Much love to you all xx