Monday, 2 April 2012


Following up on the theme of 'strands' from yesterday's blog, today I had the opportunity to see more threads of my life connect and interlock. Mum and Dad met Anne, Michelle and their kids - so strange they had never met before! (Well, Mum and Dad met Michelle very briefly in Wellington last year, but so briefly...)

While we got ready this morning, Mum asked what else we would do today. I said that brunch at the Lyden-Elleray's tends to be a wonderful all day affair, and I was right! After a delicious brunch (enjoyed at a table decorated by the whole faily, including Ngaire's fabulous nametags for our places at the table), we kept talking... and talking... and talking. It was a lovely morning, and afternoong, and early evening. As we talked, we knitted. Well - Michelle, Anne and I knitted. Mum sewed. Dad - well, Dad enjoyed the conversation and took photos on his iphone on occasion. (An iphone as craft - something to think about!?)

There we sat, working on our various projects. There went our conversation, like my needles and wool: in, around, under, off. In, around, under, off.

The cliche of this metaphor of knitting is astounding, and I won't spell it out for fear of being so cheesy that the depth and gentleness of the day is lost. It's a cliche that fits, though... one that nicely sums up the real thing that was happening today: the knitting, pearling, knitting, pearling, stiching, sewing, making, finishing, knitting, pearling, knitting... of so many, many strands.  

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