Thursday, 10 November 2011

warm on sabbatical

Yesterday I was skyping with Megan about things, and mentioned that there's no point bringing fleecy pyjamas to this part of the world... winters are very cold outside, but inside the houses are very warm.

I'm lying on the couch writing this, wearing a tshirt, a hoodie with the sleeves cut off, and a lavalava. And I'm way too hot! The central heating is on because it's cold outside tonite, and soon I'll be stripping down to tshirt and lavalava for bed.

In some ways, this is like sabbatical. So warm - so comfortable - that I don't know how to dress for it. I've been on sabbatical for four months and ten days now... i'm a third of the way through... and I've been here in Canada for almost three months. And still, I find myself learning how to handle having things so comfortable! I am committing to too much, I get nervous when I have a full day stretching in front of me, I worry about all the things I could be doing with this time that I'm just not getting done.

But that's okay. I'll adjust. I'm used to dressing for the freezing cold, and I need to go easy on myself when my instinct is still to put on a warm jumper and socks and slippers to keep myself going... it turns out that old habits die slower than you ever imagine... but I'll adjust, and relax, and write my book by the end.


Good night.

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