Saturday, 5 November 2011


Today I started the process of doublechecking the manuscript of my book, Once Were Pacific: Maori connections with Oceania which will be published next year. A copyeditor has gone through to check for things and get it all lined up etc, and I need to go through a check for typos and misquotes etc too.

I started, as one might expect, at the beginning... which means I've checked the totle pages, contents, etc... and the acknowledgements. It was so nice to be reminded, as I read the acknowledgements to the books, of all the people who have supported me through the process up to this point... family, friends, colleagues, supervisors, mentors... (unlike my MA and PhD theses, I haven't acknowledged my other trusty study supporters like Diet Coke and baby carrots and hummus hehe)

I think only two people know who I've dedicated the book to: those people are Mum and my mate Ra (Ra is checking the reo Maori for me, else she wouldn't know either)... sorry folks you're going to have to wait until the book comes out to see who it's dedicated to! But, the important thing is the layering of support, of warmth, of interest, of aroha... what a lovely process, getting to remember how lucky I am. Thanks team :)

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