Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Halloween!

This evening I went Trick or Treating with ghosts, goblins, things that go bump in the nite, zombies, carved pumpkins, a cowboy and a wonder woman. Yep, Halloween.

Although I've lived through a few North American Halloweens, doing it with kids is a whole new experience. (Not that watching everyone parade by in Waikiki in 2003 wasn't fun!) Tonite I was with Anne and Michelle and their two younger kids, Kingsley and Ngaire. Big sister Shonagh was out with mates doing their own independent Halloween thing :)

I took a photo or two before we headed out... here they are in their scary glory:

(Sorry about my scary technology - I can't remember how to rotate a photo!)

Anyway, it was a great nite, tripping from house to house up and down local streets in their awesome neighbourhood - heaps of homes had gone to lots of trouble getting all spooky... adults were dressed up, scary movies were projected onto windows, all kinds of garden and house decorations (and a couple of smoke machines) were in front yards, candles shone in carved pumpkins, and some even had soundtracks (those of us who were supervising rather than collecting candy enjoyed Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' at one place)...

And the best bit for me? When Kingsley's mate Brandon saw K emptying his small bucket into the much bigger bag I was carrying so he could keep collecting more loot... and said 'hey you're not supposed to do that!'
Kingsley: "What?"
Brandon: "Give your candy to another trick or treater."
Kinsley: "That's not a trick or treater, that's my Auntie!"

Aaawwww. Who knew a night celebrating all this terrifying would have at its centre, for me at least, this tender and confident moment of love? 

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