Tuesday, 8 November 2011

11.26pm and i'm off to bed!

... this is actually shocking news, because I rarely hit the hay before 1am at the moment... actually this has been so since I got here to Canada!

But tonite I'm a tired girl, after a short sleep and early busride and full day in Guelph... it was a lovely day, though, and I especially loved spending much of the afternoon with Michelle and Jade, two fabulous wahine from Cornell days...

So, instead of full complete thoughts I thought I'd just make a few points about today in clusters of 3:

things i'm happy about
my time in toronto
txting with a new friend
having time to write

things i enjoyed today
teaching to michelle's 1st year students (i miss 1st years!)
meeting two aboriginal students who'd been to wellington
hanging out and chatting heaps with michelle and jade

things i'm proud of
i did my dishes before i went to bed! (yay - breaking the cycle - hehe)
i could understand a friend's fb post in french (i got the gist of it anyway)
i heard a student i've been supervising received an A grade

things i'm hoping for
the perfect black puffer jacket, that fits and is on sale!
a bit more sunshine before things turn bleak
forgiveness for lateness on a couple of things (oops!)

things i'm looking fwd to
futher txts from above-mentioned new friend
taking anne & michelle's girl ngaire to the movies to watch puss n boots this weekend :)
sending off my corrected book manuscript

things i'll do tomorrow
reply some emails
correct book manuscript
go for a walk with my ipod nano listening to a podcast

places i wish i could be
makaro island in wellington harbour, with megan and cousins yesterday
hanging out with my nephew matiu (any place would be fine!)
in the future, just for a short trip, to see how the next couple of years turn out for me!

people i'm thinking of while canada prepares for remembrance day (like our ANZAC day)
uncle paul
... and all the rest - moe mai x

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