Monday, 28 November 2011

ac-cen-tuate the positive

I'm disappointed, so I'm going to focus on stuff to celebrate.

I found my book on today! Amazing - made it feel like it's actually really going to be published one day!! Woohoo! I love the cover - it's one that will be easy to find on the bookshelf! - and the painting by Michel Tuffery is just amazing. I'm a very lucky girl. It's due out May 2012 - and when I posted it on facebook I got a lot of really lovely supportive responses. Feels good :)

In other news, I have to brag about the CLEVERNESS of my honours students this year - all three of my honours research essay students did very well - I am very proud of them!!!!

I'm going to see megan and Matiu in less than a month! 20th December! Woohoo!!

This afternoon I went on a lovely long walk with my friend Sarah - we walked to the supermarket (usually it's 2 subway stops away but we thought we'd take advantage of the relatively warm weather and we both needed to stretch our legs) and she took me to a great independent cafe with very yummy gingerbread lattes and apple loaf... mmmmm...

And finally, my Dad emailed me a hilarious response to Chris's joke on facebook which I had in my blog yesterday... I thought I'd share it with you tonite (think about it - it's funny when you get it):

"To extend Chris's quote
48% without families voted in 60 without fathers..?"

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