Thursday, 20 October 2011

ready for ethnohistory!

Today I got my haircut and a pedicure, so I'm ready for a conference :)

Impressively enough, when Dom and I were geting a pedicure (Dom's treat - thanks girl!) we saw an older woman come in and hop up to put her feet in to soak for a pedicure and then put her hands out for a manucire too. Cool, right? An elderly woman getting all prettied up. Well, even cooler - she told us she's 98!! Yep, 98 years old and still getting mani-pedis. Hmm, after 24 hours of talking about how old we were, Dom and I were put in our place. Very much so!

Dominique dropped me off at the hotel and I'm now gossipping with Alyssa who is sharing a room with me... in the morning the conference starts... the conference is 'Ethnohistory' which basically seems to mean what it says: a combinatino of ethno and history. Or, as I like to think about it, brown people in the past. At this conference, the paper I'm giving is about Maori presence in Parramatta (Australia), but my panel isn't on until Saturday... so I've got heaps of time to enjoy the conference before I'm on. I'll keep you posted. Yay!

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