Wednesday, 19 October 2011

catching up

I'm in LA, staying with my friend Dominique... Dom lived not far from Megan when they were both teaching English in Japan... I met her in Japan when I came to visit Megan and the three of us went for a trip to South Korea for a few days... and I've caught up with her several times when I've come through LA... and last summer she was in NZ for New Year and we all went rough camping (well, with blow-up armchairs and a blowup foot-tub for pedicures hehe) beside a river...

Dom is one of those people who has come into our lives and will always be a part of the whanau... she's one of the few people in the world who I'll let tell me off and ask me the hard questions without getting defensive...

When Dom picked me up from the airport, we started talking and we didn't stop until she just went to bed to get her beauty sleep before work tomorrow... an hour or so ago with skyped with Megan and Matiu, and the four of us played the game Matiu has made up for playing on skype... long distance charades, where you act out a scene from a movie  and the person or people at the other end have to guess which movie it is...  as we cracked each other up: Megan and Matiu in Wellington, and Dom and me in LA, I realised that this is the predicament but also the privilege of having close connections with people in different parts of the world. I'll never live in a city - or even country - with all my close friends and family, and I will never have even the dozen closest friends in the same room at the same time... but that's okay. It just means I live in a world with lots of cities, lots of countries, lots of rooms... and lots of skype! :)   

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