Monday, 24 October 2011

Ethnohistory... the aftermath

I haven't posted for 3 days, and I have been feeling a deep sense of panic that I must get back to writing to my people ;) I knew it was serious when Mum fb msgd me this morning to ask why she hadn't seen a blog post for the last two days. I am feeling v warm from being in such high demand, so am now making amends :) I must say, I've missed blogging!

I won't try to catch up on everything... just a few key moments of the past three days

* The panel I was on for the Ethnohistory conference went really well... I was presenting a paper about Maori presence in Parramatta, focussing on the Maori students at the New Zealand Seminary and the Native Institution in 1810s and 1820s.
* I met some cool new people, had some great laughs, even had a long chat with someone about some stuff that got us both a bit teary! Awesome :)
* Last nite I watched the Rugby World Cup final - very exciting! Actualyl it was v v nailbiting and in the last 2 minutes  yelled out 'I can't breathe!!!' My friend Alyssa, who was sharing the hotel room with me, woke up in a start and panicked on my behalf... until I had to admit I could actually breathe and was just watching a gae of rugby. Heh heh.
* Tonite I'm hanging out with Keith and Juliann - friends from Hawaii days who are here on the UCLA campus where Keith teaches - we went and ate Brazilian BBQ this evening for dinner - yum!! Oh, and did I mention the restaurant was in Beverly Hills?? :)
* Tomorrow afternoon I fly home to Toronto... so might blog from the airport before I'm Canada-bound.

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