Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dispatches from ASAP/3

Today was the 2nd official day of ASAP/3, but the first one I made it to because I was in transit (and then asleep) for the session yesterday afternoon. However, today I was at the conference the whole day and I have to say it was *fascinating* to attend.

I've been sitting up late tonite making a few changes to my paper I'm delivering tomorrow which is called "Our Sea of Writers: Pacific poetry and the possibilities of precedent." I have ended up using a lot of poetry to help me make my arguments, and near the end I am going to use Hawaiian poet Imaikalani Kalahele's poem 'Make Rope' in order to talk about the ways in which contemporary Pacific poetry draws on and extends the legacy of other Pacific writers, but also will become part of the legacy for the future. I think this is a nice thing to reflect on this evening :)

one by one
Strand by strand
We become
The memory of our people
We still growing...

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