Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I'm in the airport departure lounge at Minneapolis - about to board a plane bound for Toronto. Home. Not home. Home.

The taxi driver who brought me here from the Uni of Minn was lovely - we chatted the whole way - and when we were talking about the weather here, he said 'yes today was supposed to be shiny.'

Lots of things about the last few days feel shiny... I've had a lovely trip to Minneapolis, hosted beautifully by the crew at American Indian Studies here, and also getting to meet the people at U of M press, the wonderful press who published my book.

After saying goodbye to Mum and Dad at the Toronto airport, and shedding a few tears as they jetted off, I went to wait for my own flight here. This trip was a blessing - an opportunity to come here, and enjoy the people and place here, but also an opportunity to avoid going home straight after the airport to an empty house. Things felt a bit dull after Mum and Dad left, and I feel a bit like I've been gently buffed while I've been here... I miss them, of course, but I've also been given the chance to get my head into the next phase of things: finishing things in Toronto, fulfilling commitments I've made to vairous projects, packing up, moving on.

Minneapolis was lovely: dinner on Sunday nite with Jeani, Brenda and David, three colleagues who are really mentors... more senior than me, with a lot to teach me. Yesterday was lunch, hanging with Jeani, going to the Press, giving my talk on campus, an 'aftermatch' at Jeani's place with colleagues and new friends, and finally - finally - when I got home, a wonderful long session facebook chatting with someone amazing. This morning I slept in (slept in! unthinkable!) and then met friends Evan and Cathy for lunch before coming here. And hearing about how today was supposed to be shiny.

Maybe there are a few clouds in the skies above Minnesota this afternoon, but as for me I have to say my time here has been a tonic. And now I feel, um, shiny :)

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