Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Prairies to mountains

I'm in the rockies tonite - the amazing gigantic stretch of mountatins which runs from down in the US to north of here in Alberta and BC.

We're tired tonite, Daniel and me. Fat Dog, Raven and Daniel are all fast asleep while I sit up to write. We've visited friends, talked, eaten Dairy Queen Blizzards (thanks Kathryn S for the tip!), and seen elk and antelopes and a coyote - really! - outside the car window.

Tonite we're in Banff, and my mind keeps going to my grandparents, who came here on a once-in-a-lifetime trip in the 1980s. They brought back a Banff sweatshirt for Dad, and showed us photos of this tree-soaked rocky terrain. Lovely :)

So, so tired... after spending a bit of time staying in touch with someone lovely in Mildura, I need a sleep. So, today's blog is a few pictures, working on the theory is that each is worth 1000 words ;)

Another day, another province...

My first 'Dairy Queen Blizzard, cookie dough flavour' - thanks Kathryn S for the recommendation :)

A long train crossing the prairies...

Random antelope... inspired us to sing 'home, home on the range' several times :)

At the Saamis teepee; in Medicine Hat AB. Such an amazing place!

The view from our room in Banff... which doesn't suck ;)

Eating dinner with an amazing view