Saturday, 26 May 2012

roll call

People are where they should be.

Mum, Dad and Megan are on Matiu/Somes island.
Dan and Briar are awaiting the arrival of the newest Te Punga baby.
Vula is with the matavuvale (family) in Melbourne.
LeRoy is getting ready for his school ball.

And me?

I'm at a conference; I came back from dinner with other speakers and organisers this evening, and the actual sessions start in the morning.

Is this where I should be? Yes. This is the opportunity available to me right now, and right up the very end of the sabbatical I am being given ways to connect and make the most of my time here. However, I know things are wrapping up here. Like the road trip last week by which I acknowledged the place I've been for the last year, this conference is a chance to enjoy and acknowledge the intellectual place I've been.

I'm where I should be. And, in less than a month, I'll be in the next place I should be. And, exactly a month after that, the next place. Hawai'i.

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