Saturday, 12 May 2012


The blog hasn't been so regular of late... it's not intentional, so I find myself casting my mind back and wondering what's changed... or what's changing...

Since Tuesday (last blog) I've done quite a bit...
Weds = Daniel came to stay the nite and we went for a good walk in the evening yp the fun part of Bloor St with the good 2nd hand bookshops
Thurs = home during the day then v interesting movie at Jewish Film Festival with Sarah and her family
Fri = good friends Chad and Joel arrived from Columbus for a weekend in Toronto

These are all things that could be written about... but they weren't... I've been busy getting things ready to move, wrapping things up, and tidying up the house... and I've been spending some time staying in touch with someone cool v far away... and the situation at home in NZ with asset sales and child poverty and blatant discrimination on so many counts is begging for a blog post but I just can't muster the energy... but even all of that doesn't explain it all... and I miss writing!

So, thank you to the person who emailed and asked where the blogs are (you know who you are) - it's been nice to remember how muchI love to, well, write.

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