Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Words Live Here

I'm in a house of writers. Poetry lives here, as does fiction. Books are everywhere. Writing is a normal family activity and point for discussion. I like it.

While I've been here in Virginia I've been staying with Lesley and Chris and their two kids, and it has been great in many ways... one of the things I have treasured about my time here has been the place of words here: in this house, and also in my trip. Today I visited one of Lesley's classes and we talked about poetry... then we had a lunch at Women's Studies where I talked about the 'Ghost Writers' book I'm working on... then tonite I was the 'feature poet' in a poetry reading at a gallery in town.

I forget some days just how much I love words, love poetry, love fiction, love writing, love editing, love talking about it all...

This has been a great reminder.

I'm inspired to find ways to keep poetry and words and books nearer the middle of my life; not somehting I get to after other things, but something which is integral to the way I function.  want to seek out conversations about literature, and I want to find time to read and write and read and write and read and write...

Thanks, Virginia: here I fell in love with fried chicken, and here I fell in love with words all over again.

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