Sunday, 18 March 2012

a big day in vancouver!

A long walk alongside the harbour on the sea walk (reminds me a bit of the Napier one), listening to very interesting podcasts... my idea of fun!
A little water taxi to Granville Island to check out the market there
Amazing munchies at the market ('Delhi wrap' at Indian takeaways place was a m a z i n g !)
Walk to Vancouver Art Gallery (still listening to great podcasts)
A curator's talk about Emily Carr (major artist here in BC)
An incredible exhibition called 'Beat Nation' featuring Aboriginal artists who work with urban/ youth culture
Walk back to hotel via some cool shops, then back along sea walk
Taxi to meet David Geary (mate/ cousin from home!) at movies
Watch 'Pina' - a 3D dance movie! (well, more a doc about dance than Step Up hehehe)
Walk back over a bridge to Vancouver downtown, walk through city streets talking
Beer with DG at pub in Maritime House - dregs of St Patrick's Day and a white guy with a guitar performing 'Billy Jean' in a slightly (but not really) Irish way
Taxi home to hotel
Walk to pick up a late nite snack
And home... to check email, facebook, blog... and bed.

So many new experiences. And, according to my pedometer I walked 12000 steps today (and that's before the walking tonite!).

Holidays are tiring! Oh, but fantastic :)

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