Wednesday, 1 February 2012


It's 10.24pm in Hawaii, and I'm sleepy.

I arrived last nite - as soon as I hopped off the plane I started to remember how much I love it here; not in a passionate, laugh out loud, intense way, but in a nurturing, familiar, quiet way. This place and I know each other, at least as much as feels comfortable for either of us.

About now - yes, right now, this minute - Megan and Matiu are arriving into Wellington after their amazing trip away. Mum and Dad are very excited about greeting them at the airport, and if their lunch today with Auntie Jill and Uncle Mike in Sydney while in transit is anything to go by, they'll have lots of stories to tell. Well, seeing as it's so late, perhaps most of the stories will be told tomorrow.

I suppose we've become transnational family, with people in so many ports, and favourite aiports and airlines and websites for discount flights and rental cars. The problem with living in such a spread-out way is the tyranny of departures... but tonite, sleepy in Manoa, 2 minutes from lying my head on the pillow, I'm thinking about arrivals.

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