Saturday, 10 December 2011

silent movie

Saw a great movie tonite - 'The Artist' - which is about a silent movie star whose fortunes change when the 'talkies' come in... and the cool thing was, this is a 2011 movie but is itself a silent movie!

(To be honest, despite loving the job I had ushering at the movies at home many years ago when Rudolph Valentino's 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' played at the Civic with a live orchestra, I was feeling a bit lazy tonite and when I heard it was a silent movie I wasn't really that keen - I wasn't in the mood to watch an arty movie that was 'trying too hard' - you know the kind - so I was particularly pleased to have my expectations blown out of the water - it was amazing!)

So, one of the things the main character had to deal with was change... change that was outside of his control, and which he couldn't fight... change he had to find a way to adapt to and make the most of... change as a part of life and all that jazz...

There are a few changes I'm happy with today: Carmel Sepuloni and another Green Part MP in Parliament at home; Megan and Matiu boarded a plane in Wellington this morning on the first part of the journey towards Toronto; and I got some more writing done :) 

Heh heh I was also going to try for another change: to be in bed before 2am... but, um, perhaps that's change that will have to wait for another day...

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