Thursday, 29 December 2011

on the cusp

Today is halfway between Christmas and New Year. Between a chance to slow down, enjoy, celebrate, reflect on innocence and memories... and a chance to get excited, enjoy, reflect on future possibilities.

I'm quietly slow-cooking some resolutions, but for now...

Christmas was lovely at the Lyden-Elleray house, and followed by a sleepover and a slow and fun Boxing Day breakfast with bacon and latkes... then a streetcar ride home, a walk up Bloor to see the lights and window displays... and a day yesterday of lazing at home and going to the mall. Today I took Matiu and his wee friend Kingsley (Anne and Michelle's son) to the movies... we all ended up back at Anne and Michelle's for tea. Matiu is now sleeping soundly in bed, having had another two chapters of The BFG read aloud to him by his Auntie Lala (I loved the book when I was a kid, and gave it to him for Christmas). Megan and I are watching Notting Hill, one of our favourite crappy movies, and she's sleeping on the foldout couch tonite before heading off to pick up our friend Dominique who's flying in in the morning to spend New Years with us.

Sometimes being on the cusp is nervewracking... so many ways things could turn out, so many things unknown, so many risks. The past month has been full of suspense and things out of my control...

Tonite, the cusp feels different: I'm poised between here and there; then and now. Surrounded by family and friends, and hearing from family and friends in Aotearoa and other places around the world, right now I'm trying - mostly with success - to appreciate this cusp between 2011 and 2012, and all that came before and all that will come after.  

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