Sunday, 10 June 2012

something old, something new

New year celebrations are always a good opportunity to reflect on how things have gone, to plan for how things might be, and to be thankful for how things are.

Tonite is my last Saturday nite in Toronto, and I celebrated with my Toronto friends Sarah and Bridget - Sarah and I were beautifully hosted by Bridget who made us amazing Peruvian cocktails and delicious kai. This is my last Saturday nite catching the noisy subway, my last Sturday nite sunset, and tomorrow will be my last Sunday morning here too. Boxes I sent from here have started arriving in Hawai'i today, and over the next few days I'll finish off the last of the packing, sending the remaining warm weather close directly to Hawai'i and bundling the warm clothes for my few weeks at home.

As this chapter is closing, I'm mindful it's Puanga, or Matariki, at home: 'Maori New Year' as it is widely becoming known. The middle of winter, a chance to think about those who have passed and to dream and strategise for the upcoming year. At my marae today, Waiwhetu, there was a Matariki celebration with music, fashion, science, food, crafts... all the good components of a good event! It has been great to see the excited and happy posts appearing on facebook; apparently the day has been a great success. Awesome :)

Something old, something new: things to be recalled and remembered, and things to be hoped for and brought into reality. I have so many things in both columns... but for the meantime, cheers :)

Bridget, Sarah and I share delish Peruvian cocktails.

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