Wednesday, 13 June 2012


There we sat, eating BBQ chicken and chatting in the backyard. Profound? For me, yes.

For the past year, six of us from the 'GTHA' (Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area) have met about once a month to eat together and discuss a book we've read in preparation for our meeting.

The 'Indigenous Literary Studies Reading Group' has read a whole lot of books about Indigenous lit, and our discussions have been an absolute joy... committed, engaged, rigorous, fun, invigorating...

Tonite it was our last time together - Daniel J is already in Vancouver, but the rest of us met tonite and talked about our own research... a final act of sharing, after all of the sharing of the past year.

If te tau okioki has been an opportunity to recharge, this group has been a beloved, appreciated and feisty battery. He mihi aroha: Rick, Daniel C, Daniel J, Michelle and Nadine. You reminded me why I love this so much. 

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